My love of dogs and puppies, and pets in general began in my early childhood. My Mother was a champion of rescuing, feeding, and housing stray dogs until she could get them to the SPCA where they would be safe. She rescued dogs from freeways, storm drains, deserts, and mountains. Our home always included a dog; a Chihuahua, Poodle, Cockapoo, Dachshund, Scottie, or just a Heinz57 mutt.

Dogs of all sizes and shapes have always given me unconditional love and a devotion that is beyond words. All my life I have probably aggravated my ‘best friends’ by having their portraits taken, dressing them up in adorable outfits, and showing them off on holidays with appropriate costumes. I even went as far as taking my dogs to see Santa one year so I could have their photo taken with Jolly Ole St. Nick!

I’ve always tried to return their love and adoration by making sure they have plenty of treats, goodies, bones, and an assortment of toys. When that sad day arrives and it is time to say good-bye to my beloved pet, I have always wanted something beautiful and meaningful to remind me of their unending, ceaseless love, and to bring back wonderful memories of the times we had together.

I’ve looked long and hard to find quality pet urns, beautiful pet urn keepsakes and jewelry, and well-made pet caskets at a reasonable price. I do my best to bring you large variety of urns, keepsakes and jewelry to keep those memories alive, but if there is something special or specific that you have in mind, please contact us at CustomerService@EternalPawPrints.net and we will do our best to find that special product just for you.

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